About Al Sourav Overseas

Al-Sourav is committed to enhance and strengthen the hands of world’s employers abroad. It leads in the creation and delivery of services that enable our clients to win the changing world of work. Quality Manpower means supplying a complete range of workforce solutions, providing the appropriate skills for tightly managed projects and delivering superior performance that can be accurately measured and assessed.

Our main object is to secure suitable overseas placements for the Bangladeshi professionals, skilled workers and others, who are desirous of securing jobs abroad. Since its establishment, Al-Sourav has been maintaining a leading position through the hard work put in by its management. Now, Al-Sourav is one of the few professionally managed recruiting agencies in Bangladesh, authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Bangladesh to recruit and mobilize all categories of manpower from the country to overseas markets.

Al-Sourav has developed a leading position in the market in meeting and exceeding our client’s workforce demands by matching, managing all their labour needs, with our 24 hours per day, 7 day per week effort.

Al-Sourav is a leading organization to bridge the gap between all employer needs and providing excellent manpower staffing solution to its clients.


We are in the business of providing consultancy services for the recruitment of skilled foreign labour for employment in countries overseas.


Dedication to our clientele to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.


Testing, selection and recruitment of genuine skilled workers for employment in enterprises of Mauritius and other countries.

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Our Services

What We Do?

We are a renowned recruiting agent of Bangladesh providing services for the recruitment of skilled worker/ labour for employment in countries overseas.

Our Services

We not only supply skilled workers but also provide a lot of related services. We complete all procedures to obtain permits and permission and ensure early travel of workers.

Why Us?

We supply genuine skilled workers, the right workers for the right jobs. Our selection criterion is based exclusively on job specifications. Also we give guarantee to repatriate worker on our own cost if someone cannot adapt to the job within a period of three months.