Our Services

We provide a fully integrated consultancy services on the recruitment of skilled foreign workers including:

  • Drafting of letters of application to obtain permission from the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment
  • Testing, selection and recruitment of workers
  • Application for Work & Residence Permits
  • Clearances for expatriate dormitory including:-a) Health & Fire Clearancesb)Lodging Accommodation Permit
  • Drafting and Vetting of Contract of Employment
  • Arrange Overseas Recruitment Trip for Employer/Representative
  • Investment Projects/ Investors
  • Application for Occupation Permit
  • Emigration procedures with the Relevant Authority in the country of origin of the workers

Projects / Investors

We provide all services relating to the investment project and the setting up of a business enterprise including:

  • Preparation of a business plan.
  • Incorporation of a company.
  • Application for permits and licenses.
  • Formalities and assistance with Board of Investment.
  • Application for Occupation Permit.
  • Application for Lease of Government land.

Preparation of Business Plan

The whole components of Business Plan: activity, in which business sector, total investment financing, job creation, market, export raw materials, machinery and equipment, processes, projected turnover, how the business enterprise will differ from existing enterprises.

Incorporation of Company

We complete all formalities for the incorporation of a company; reservation of name and all details regarding capital authorised and paid up, directors and shareholders.

Application for Permits and Licence

All procedures relating to application of permits and licences including trade licence with the Municipality or District Council, Bakery Licence with the Ministry of Commerce or other licence or permits to enable the business enterprise to start operation.

Formalities with Board of Investments

Organises meeting with Board of Investment to enlist the support and assistance of the Institution to the investment project.

Application for Occupation Permit

We conduct all procedures related to application for occupation permits, for investors, self employed of professional; it includes drafting contract of employment for professional and formalities with India High Commission or the embassies to obtain birth certificate or other documents.

Application for Lease of Government Land

Where the business requires the lease of Government land, we prepare the papers for submission of a request to the Ministry of Housing and Land to obtain land on lease.